Saturday, May 4, 2013

my painting pants (and being known)

these pants get a lot of wear!  the past few weeks i have had them on lots!  the white ceiling in the master bedroom had been bugging me, so i painted it about 14 days ago.  the color was okay, but not what i really envisioned ~ it was just not bold enough and i could not bring myself to continue the color into the bathroom.  out came the trusted sherwin williams paint wheel.  btw, the employees at sherwin know my name ~ some people are known at restaurants or grocery stores, i am known at the paint store. 
as dark as the first color appeared initially, this was even more so! 
the last of the old color going away. 
the new color is sherwin williams tempe star and i think it is stunning. 

all I need now is for a deep discount to occur on a white comforter that I have been looking at for about a year.  yes, a year.  go on sale already!

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