Friday, May 10, 2013

4th grade wax museum

 hey, it's daniel boone! he's working to get his *fire* under control before the other classes walk through.  the past few months, each student in the 4th grade has been working on a report about a non-living (why can't they say dead?) historical American.  today, was the culmination of that hard work.  they dressed up, had props and speeches memorized so that when their button was pushed they could come to life and tell about who they were.  all of the children did a great job!  below, daniel boone is telling his nana who he is and why he is famous.  the chair held his button and name plate... somehow it became his security too! 
 jackie robinson and annie oakley 
 pocahontas and neil armstrong 
 daniel's not so excited here, since his sister and her friends rushed to his station first. 
 orville and wilbur wright
 shel silverstein and rosa parks 
 lucille ball and robert e. lee
one additional story: during this project, little man has been creating things out of the twigs we collected ~ sling shots, arrows, guns ~ and his momma has allowed him to use a knife at times (he already uses one to help on his nights in the kitchen with tomatoes, cucumbers and various fruits).  last night he came in from outside, asked for a Band-Aid and then passed out on the floor.  i saw a stream of blood from the door to the kitchen, as well as some smeared on the fridge and dishwasher.  i picked him up and got him to the sink so i could rinse his hand off to see how bad it was and he passed out again (hitting his head hard).  i took a rag of cold water and threw it on his face.  asking him his abc's, he was able to get to W before saying he did not know what came next.  on a positive note, he was able to repeat his daniel boone speech word for word!  the cut was not very deep, i think he was reacting to seeing a large amount of blood spurt from his body.  after a little while he was feeling better, but his hand was mighty sore.  talk about exciting!

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