Saturday, May 11, 2013

strawberry pickin'

  look momma, strawberry grapes!
  smile buddy... you know you want to!
 she's telling the strawberry that it's time is up. 
 the girls wanted pony rides.
we had a fun morning strawberry picking.  about ten minutes after left the heavens unloaded with torrential rains ~ great timing!  we went to chick-fil-a for lunch (somehow the children talked daddy into milkshakes ~ which is an important fact for something that happened later in the day).
little man and m1 were playing outside with some neighborhood children a few hours later.  the ice cream truck came around and a dad a few doors down offered to buy all the children playing some ice cream.  when john david went down to get the children for dinner, the dad retold the story of his ice cream offer.  both of our children declined because in their words, they had already had dessert earlier.  proud of their honesty when we are not around.   

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