Tuesday, April 23, 2013

fine, i'll admit it... i color my hair

of course if you really know me, i don't color my hair!  this is what happens when ceiling paint splatters while painting... so, unless your salon carries sherwin williams colors you are out of luck.  oh, it's sw refuge at 50%.   
 john david left for a quick trip... the children and i were still in bed.  15 minutes later we were dressed and headed out the door.  that's how i decide things get done.  hey guys, let's paint today; it wont take mommy long.  famous famous words! 
 and, anytime the camera is put down, this girly picks it up and starts snapping away.   
 little man helping put the room back together. 
 daddy called about an hour before we were expecting him to let us know he was about 15 minutes away.  oh, boy... this was all the stuff in the hallway.  the children hustled to get this stuff back in place so it would be all nice when he walked in.  later in the week while the children were at school, the builder beige was painted over with sherwin williams pure white.  seriously, white paint is, well, white.  one last look at the remaining inch of beige.   
p.s.  your arms will be sore the day after painting your ceiling.  so will your legs from many, many trips up the ladder to paint a small section, then down the ladder to move it over. 


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I totally see your vision and think you are heading in the right direction.....saw your email about going darker...I totally think you can but I would suggest you give your body a rest and live with it for a few weeks....as spontaneous as you are (as we BOTH are!!!) you never know what might pop into your head in the coming days!!! I do think the darker color would only add to the richness though! Soooo....who did we get all of the spontaneity from when it comes to painting?!? I remember Mom and Dad being such planners! I told you about how I was cleaning...looked and my burnt orange wall....got an idea....and within two hours it was SW6223 Still Water...a dark blue gray! maybe its a good thing we are not in the same city! At least for our hubbies sake!! LOVE YA! Sister!!