Monday, April 22, 2013

charlotte's web

the third grade just finished reading "charlotte's web" so we are getting ready to host the 3rd grade county fair.  each group of children had to come up with a game concept, create the game and rules and then host the game the day of the fair.  m1 and her two friends wanted to do a web toss.  so we made spiders and had bean bag lady bugs from another game that are going to be tossed through the web.   the girls also cut strips of left over fabric from other projects which i sewed together to create a girly web.  hopefully, the object will be to toss the spiders and ladybugs through the web.  if that does not happen we might have to change the rules for them to be tossed into the web.  it will be a county fair game day decision.  ps ~ you can be certain that i am holding onto this and m2 will be politely coerced into the same type of game when she reaches 3rd grade. 

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  1. so cute! and i love the paint color on the walls too! :)