Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what i wore wednesday... county fair

the third grade hosted the county fair (after reading charlotte's web) so i pulled out my over-alls and cowgirl hat... m1 had on a plaid shirt and a pink cowgirl hat.  most wiww posts have product details so if you are wondering: both shirts and over-alls old navy (over alls at least 15+ years old and not in my current rotation of everyday wear :-) my hat: target, girls hat: consignment sale. 
 the girls behind the idea... they cut a few fabric strips, before the mom's took over.   

 the object was to throw spiders (made from black socks) and lady bugs (from a bean bag toss game we already had) through the web.  some of the other groups did face painting, nerf bullet target games, putt putt golf, ring tosses and some others i don't recall right now.  each class in the school gets to come through the fair and win candy for participating in the games. 


  1. We did this last year too - loved it and had so.much fun!!! I did not.however look.nearly as cute as you and think I only wore a jean skirt!

  2. You are the cutest hick around!! Love your whole outfit, and you can admit.. you put those overalls on regular rotation! ;)

    The web is such a cute idea for the kids. Looks like it would be a lot of fun!