Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day 2012

i was served breakfast in bed ~ in courses ~ by the children.  m2 walked in and whispered, "nice mother's day.... no that's not right.  oh yeah, happy mother's day".  then she handed me a plate.  m1 walked in and placed orange slices and tortilla chips on my plate.  little man gave me three almonds and some juice.  john david fixed my favorite egg dish (which doesn't have a name or maybe it does and i don't know) an egg over easy, fried into a hole in a piece of bread.  after realizing they had forgotten a fork i was finally able to enjoy my feast.  we got ready for church and i had my favorite activity ever (sarcasm is dripping from every word here!) sunday school helper for m2's room.  after church we joined my parents for lunch. 
grammy and three of her five 
m2 was not happy with her *placement* on the limb, but i wanted the picture anyway.   
me, m1 and little man (the crying girl was on the ground at this point)
 granddaddy grilling up some chicken... he is the best chicken griller ever!

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  1. Love their breakfast dishes for you!!! And its called egg in a hole or eggs in a basket....have heard both :). Yum!