Monday, May 14, 2012

i have a high regard for professional photographers!

we took nana out for dinner on saturday night and then stopped by the chinese pagoda to snap some pictures of her and the children.  m2 has a great smile ~ when she wants to use it.  after looking through the lens of the camera and taking more shots than necessary i have a new regard for the professionals.  we did get some nice ones but the bloopers far outweigh them!   
see m2's wonderful expressive face!  oh my the child is a hoot.

and then there are the times where you just crop out an entire person because they are picking their nose or adjusting their underwear.  whatever!  at least the others are smiling.

and then comes the moment an hour later (when you thought you would only spend about 15 minutes) when her smile just melts your heart.  if i were a professional i could figure out how to crop that smile into every picture. 

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