Saturday, May 19, 2012

a lake wedding

while packing for this lake trip i packed things never packed before... a brush, hot rollers, hair spray, three church dresses, ties for little man and john david, dress pants and shirts for the boys... well you get the idea.  normally a two week lake trip consists of one laundry basket of clothes and bathing suits.  the wedding was supposed to be at our neighbor's house, but the weather was going to be questionable so a nearby church was the last minute destination.  other lake neighbors were in attendance but we had to keep introducing ourselves to one another because as someone put it, "i've never seen you in real clothes before", much less with makeup and hair done!
 little man, micadoodle, m2, m1 and dude... all acting silly.   
a more serious pose... with the sun shining directly in faces.  sister has some other pictures so hopefully i will get those soon. 

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