Friday, March 2, 2012

what happens in vegas...

john david had a great year with his company and qualified for a sales trip to vegas.  we flew out early sunday (2/12) and returned late on tuesday.  (worked out perfectly with our upward games on saturday and practices on wednesday).  nothing prepares you for how busy and big everything is out there.  we were on the 81st floor of the cosmopolitan... here is the view looking down.   they were at 95% occupancy... you would never know the economy was hard hit by the amount of people visiting. 

 grand entrance ceiling of the bellagio

 no i have not and will not ever gamble~not my thing
 cirque de soleil ~ beatles: all you need is love
 seriously amazing show.  one of the most fascinating things ever. 
i had forgotten how much i love beatles music until this show. 
out of all the places they could have sent us this was not my first choice.  i am very conservative (shocking i know) and was not sure what to expect.  we were traveling with five other reps from this area who we knew well and as a group we had a great time.  the accomodations were the best we have ever seen (and they will not be replicated on our dollar) and the show was outstanding.  and don't even start me on the food...

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