Sunday, March 4, 2012

how not to begin a trip

i am usually packed for a trip or at least know what i am taking days before the actual departure.  grocery lists are made, clothes picked out, toiletries packed.  not this time!  busyness has been such an enemy lately!  saturday morning we woke up early and started packing... from scratch.  the only thing already pulled out were three sets of ski pants and long johns.  the children started pulling together socks, underwear and a few things they wanted to take in car.  i had forgotten how much room winter things take up!  our goal was to leave at 11:30 and we pulled out of the driveway at 11:35.  at the third stop light m2 said, "nobody buckled me in".  i turned around, looked and yep, she was right!  pulling into a parking lot i quickly buckled her in and checked to make sure little man and m1 were tightly strapped in also.  i noticed m2's shoeless feet, "where are your shoes?"  she did not know.  "did you take them off already"?  oh, no she declared, "i never put them on".  good thing to discover while 15 minutes from the house and not three hours.  we turned around, got her shoes and pulled out again.  about three stop lights away again and little man said, "the basketball, we forgot my basketball and the cabin has an outside hoop".  i looked at john david, were we really going to turn around for a basketball? apparently we were.  an hour later and we were really on the road this time when m1 said, "m2 did you forget your nostril?"  m2 starts to get weepy, "mommy m1 asked if i forgot my nostril.... and i don't even know what that is". 

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