Wednesday, March 7, 2012

snow tubing

tuesday morning was snow tubing day!  last year nana was with us so she and m2 sat together at the bottom and watched.  this year we thought m2 would like it.  she went down one time in a tube attached to mine ~ it was a little fast for her and she was less than delighted at the bottom.  john david sat with her for a few runs and then it was my turn.  little man and m1 had a blast!  after about an hour the sun started slowing the track down so i convinced m2 to try again ~ this time she wanted to go by herself.  oh, my.  at the top we all five got side by side but before we went down, one of the children started screaming her head off.  a worker picked her up and tried to comfort her and when it was time for us to go she quickly put her in the tube and shoved her down the hill.  oh, my.  i was in the lane beside her and could only see the top of her hat.  at the bottom john david jumped out and grabbed her to comfort her.   she was content to sit in the snow at the bottom and play until our time was up.  maybe next year! 

 little man

 john david and the children
 m2 by herself 

 happy to play at the bottom in the snow!

on tuesday evening we went back to chris and christy's home to enjoy dinner with their family.  so nice of them to host us twice while we were in town.  it was a school night for their kids so we had to make it an early evening.  but we still had a wonderful time enjoying their company!  plus we needed to rest up for skiing tomorrow!

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