Friday, October 7, 2011

paint paint and more paint

this was a plain wooden table that has been in our foyer for years... i got tired of it blending into the floor. glossy black on the top with some fun turquoise legs makes this pop when you walk in the door. although the legs could be a tad darker to match the picture (which reminds me of paint cans ~ fun fact: i own more paint cans than shoes!)
this desk was on a neighbors driveway... she begged me to take it away along with two other dressers (i had to leave those too many projects at one time). i had fun with this one... shameful that it is in a closet! but it was a perfect fit for my sewing closet.
every four years or so i change our colors up... john david jokes that by the time we move the square footage will have to be adjusted to account for the smaller room size. the walls were grasslands (sherwin) the new color on the bookshelf wall is hardware (sherwin). the hubby left to play tennis on tuesday evening and this wall was 75% painted by the time he walked back in. (i have some family pictures to hang in the middle section)
random colors from my "i need to lighten the walls and bring in more accent color" phase. which lasted less than a day ~ some of the lighter colors seemed like a lack of color if that makes sense. these pictures of all white houses are beautiful but just not for me. chatroom (sherwin ~ seriously, who else) will be the wall color for the other walls. and yes, we have had our small group bible study meeting here and each week there are a few more samples on the wall.

so, who's up for some painting?


  1. Oh, I love the bright color on the table! Such a fun touch up!!

  2. Love the foyer table especially!! You are stepping out Sandi!!! Love it with that picture - surprising to me though. guess I don't quite have you all figured out yet :)

  3. what FUN projects...and i love all the paint swatches on the wall...looks like a couple rooms in our house :) if ONLY we were neighbors - we could double up and get all these walls painted in no time! xoxo