Monday, October 10, 2011

my car is crunched

after dropping the children off at school on monday i went to visit my crush, sherwin williams. six paint samples later i was happily on my way home. at a busy intersection my light turned green so i drove... the car coming from my left failed to stop and zoomed through the red light. my car went crunch, the air bags deployed, the other car went spinning and ended up facing the wrong way up on the sidewalk.

four things to be thankful for ~ m2 was at home with my sister and her children (they are tracked out and visited for a few days). three witnesses stopped, one called the police before i could even exit my car, two stayed and gave their names and number to the police saying that my light was green, one left her name and number as she had to get to work. a friend stopped as he was driving home from working the night shift (he is a fire fighter and his son has been in little man's class the last four years). i was searching for my registration and insurance information when i heard his familiar voice ask if i was okay. of course it was once i saw a familiar face that i started to cry... he gave me a hug and offered me his older sons jacket that was in the car. he also stayed until john david and my sister arrived. no one was hurt (only minor cuts, bruises and soreness).

i am now in a rental... it has all the bells and whistles ~ automatic sliding doors, seats that fold down into the floor with the flip of a switch, cd player, direction thingy, leather seats, hidden storage. seriously, everything! i asked the rental guy if they had a ten year old car like mine with doors you had to open yourself, a cassette player and windows that squeak when opened. i am going to get really spoiled during this whole process.

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