Monday, November 15, 2010

thank you jenn

for introducing me to all things beautiful (and pricey) at garnet hill. i am breaking commandments as i covet the embellished sweaters and lovely details on shirts not to mention the petal skirt that i have NO place to wear (a little dressy for church don't you think) and a cute scarf. oh, just bookmark the whole dang catalog, cause i also like several pairs of boots and some jewelry too. so i find myself at this blog trying to figure out which of my thift shop / consignment store sweaters is going to be the first to succumb to my scissors and sewing machine.


  1. at least you have the start of a good Christmas list this year! :)

  2. :) i know. dangerous. every time i get a new catalog...or just browse their site...i drool. LOVE everything. and the good thing is - if you wait long enough, it will usually go on sale :) that's the ONLY way i could have gotten the quilt for our master bedroom!