Monday, November 1, 2010

a cowboy, a doctor and raggedy ann

our halloween festivities started early... instead of a harvest festival on saturday, our church held their harvest party during the two sunday school hours. the children played games, won candy and had a bible lesson on "shining your light". it was fun seeing all the non-scary costumed children at church.
our neighborhood trick or treat began around 6:00. it only took m2 a few houses to get what was going on ~ smile big and people put candy in your bucket. most of the houses in our neighborhood participate ~ some have haunted garages that children walk through, others have smoke machines with creatures that jump from behind trees. on really cold nights some have even had crock pots with hot chocolate for parents. most of us pull chairs to the curb to make it easy for children to get a treat and keep moving.
for the most part i hand out one piece of candy per child... but last night some larger groups got the opportunity to earn two if they sang happy birthday to me or said happy birthday. the children are always super polite and parents are grateful for a fun and safe place to trick or treat with their family. john david and i took turns walking our children around.
by 7:45 my candy was gone ~ 760 mini tootsie rolls, 360 dumdum suckers, 345 butterfinger / babyruth / crunch bar mix (minus the 2 butterfingers and 2 babyruth bars i ate earlier in the week and the 4 tootsie rolls while handing out candy). 
oh, this sweet raggedy ann costume that i made when m1 was little ~ i think i might have one more year with it then it will have to be retired. i also made a matching raggedy andy costume but strangely enough my little guy grew up and will not wear it any longer.  m1 wants you to know she is a doctor, not a nurse, because that's what she wants to be for reals. oh, and happy birthday to me!


  1. Oh my goodness, I want to take Raggedy Ann home with me.

  2. i'm SO glad to see raggedy ann made another appearance - fun to see both girls in that sweet costume!!! sam looks hysterical in the first picture - like he's got his "bad boy" cowboy face on! :) of COURSE meredith is going to be a REAL doctor - not a nurse! what else! :) and bit o' honeys - yuck! mandy loves those - we always traded her baby ruths for my bit o'honeys. love me some baby ruths! :)

  3. thanks for sharing sister....but it only makes me miss your kids MORE!!!