Saturday, November 27, 2010

just call me lazy...

i might just link to each december post from last year out of sheer laziness. our "pretty" tree looks much the same... little man now has eight fire engines, m1 has six fairies and m2 has three snow buddy ornaments. here is the link... click here! actually here is the real story... jd was taking his cfp exam out of town. i wanted the house decorated for Christmas when everyone came for thanksgiving. we had a 9:00 soccer game that morning, little man helped me drag two trees down from the third floor, and m2 was in need of a nap. i did not take a single picture! over the next week i will be making a race car cake, a round many layered cake, and two stand up lamb cakes... for a picture of those from last year click here! i can look forward to being covered in about 16 cups of confectionery sugar dust from home-made icing. and once again will ask this question. this picture will always be my Christmas favorite. and i will never have another Christmas day without remembering the commitment that pops made last Christmas one week before his death. so there you have it... i might not post again until january. well, little man's birthday is saturday and he is doing a great little project that i can't wait to talk about!

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