Sunday, July 29, 2012

frisbee golf and water polo

jd and his college roommate chris (james madison university 1991) have remained close since graduation.  he and his wife christy have four children and we just adore their family.  we try to see each other at least once a year but distance plays a part in that not happening at times.  this past year we have seen them numerous times... a few times while skiing in massanutten, great wolf lodge prior to thanksgiving and now a weekend at the lake.  so fun to spend time with a family that shares such similar values and beliefs. 
like the rest of the world we have been watching some (okay, most) of the olympic games.  water polo has captivated our attention because of the players endurance and the physicality of the game.  even with life jackets on we had a hard time with this one.  i guess we will stick with swimming relays for now... which i won in a landslide.  to be expected maybe, since all of my competition was from the 13 and under crowd.

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