Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the long bike ride

little man and m1 had a random wednesday off school, so we loaded up the bikes and headed to the oceanfront.  we parked at 42nd street and rode on the boardwalk until we reached the park at 31st street. 

this is such a great spot to play this time of year.  during the summer it is much too crowded and too hot!  there are monkey bars and things to climb on and the slides end right on the sand.  all three had a fun time climbing and sliding and running around.  we even ran into the strickland family (grandma and her young ones) which was nice. 

 we walked down to the beach to look for shells but had no pockets to put them in.  aww, shucks! the highlight was seeing pods of dolphins right up close to the shoreline.  there were so many of them!

after we finished playing the ride continued down until we reached the dairy queen at 27th street.  so of course we had to stop for a treat!  m2 enjoyed her "oreo lizzard" as she called it. 
the children all wanted to continue farther down the boardwalk but i knew we had the long trek back to 42nd street.  m2 started to get tired around 35th street but she was such a trooper!  after getting the bikes loaded up and m2 strapped in we started home.  she was asleep within three minutes. 

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