Monday, April 9, 2012

national zoo trip

after the early service at church we headed home for a quick lunch and to pack the car for a road trip.  the children had monday off from school so we wanted to have some family fun (instead of my usual monday routine of laundry, changing beds and chores).   bethesda, maryland was where we stayed sunday night.  sunday afternoon we watched the end of the masters and then ate dinner in the hotel restaurant (great deal on kids meals).  monday morning we took the back roads into d.c. and 15 minutes later were at the zoo.

m1 and i ~ yeah i know she's only seven i might be looking up at her in a few years. 

last trip we were able to see the orangutans climbing overhead but not today.  they were still fun to watch as they played about. 

little man was enthralled with the large gorilla.  the smaller monkeys climbing around and jumping from rope to rope also captured his attention... he is much like a monkey on the playground.  the small monkeys are also john david's favorite to watch.

yes, m2 is milking the cow.

we all love the large animals that make up the zoo but our favorite part of any large zoo is usually the rain forest area.  there are plants and animals that you just don't get to see at every zoo.  it's filled with loud birds and a monkey or two overhead... make sure you don't get pooped on! 

we had a great family day and the children were tuckered out from all the walking!  we got there early and left late ~ and then got caught in the traffic that makes up the area around d.c.  this was m2 within about five minutes of being in the car... completely sound asleep.  the others also slept about an hour before we stopped for dinner.  of course that hour was spent only moving about 20 miles or so. 

after dinner the children were well rested and well fed.  john david surprised them by popping a movie into the computer and setting it up on the cooler so they could all view the screen.  that was certainly a treat since we don't have any fancy dvd players in our vehicle.  next time though we should bring bungee cords to keep the computer still on the turns. 

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