Wednesday, February 8, 2012

yummy soup and other recipes

my son loves loves loves soup. and not the campbell's variety (in nine years i think he has only had two bowls of canned soup and that was when he was sick) he loves home-made authentic soup. this is a winner in his book and mine too. i did make a change to the author's recipe by not adding fire roasted diced tomatoes. i simply cut up a tomato and added it to the pot; the youngest member of the family does not like added fire to her food. not only is the next recipe pretty but i got a unanimous five thumbs up for this one. yes, i made a change to this one also... i do not eat mayo so i substituted plain greek yogurt. one more easy one for you to try is chicken stuffed with zucchini and cheese, yeah, you had me at cheese. of course my change here is to not measure the cheese, seriously, 3 oz. or two handfuls are probably about the same anyway. hope you enjoy these soon because they were all delicious and easy to make!


  1. Beth sent me the lasagna soup recipe and I've been dying to try it!!! Did you find.those.cute lasagna noodles? The other two look yummy too - the.broccoli.braid one of a pampered.chef recipe. Still can't believe you dont do mayo. What a shame.

  2. just pinned a couple of these - can't wait to try!

    and btw - we don't do mayo either ;)