Friday, February 24, 2012

the girls room

i realized i never posted pictures of the *almost* finished room.  the first picture is the shelf above m1's bed ~ not quite what i envisioned (bead constallation project? not what i would have put up there, but it is her shelf).  the second picture is m2's shelf; minnie mouse usually has a sock on her head, i guess she gets cold sometimes. 

m1's bed has a pink flower pillow and m2's has a yellow flower and ladybug.  the long patchwork pillow was one sham before i cut it in half and sewed it into two pillows.  it matches the blanket at the foot of the beds which was a queen quilt that i cut in half and sewed up.

you can see part of the dresser that took me a while to paint ;-) with fabric pulls because the original pulls broke once the girls started using them.  the chair was painted by sister for micadoodle's nursery (hard to believe that girl is 12).  i need some artwork for the walls, but for now i am considering this done.  

this little stuffed animal corral was also painted by sister for micadoodle's nursery ~ i think she put books in it.


  1. i LOVE it!! it looks so calm and peaceful and sweet. great job :) i want to do beadboard and shelves in addie's room one day...

  2. Awww, I love it! Everything is so girly and sweet.