Monday, September 12, 2011

this is her paint wheel

m2 and i were heading out the door to take the children to school. "wait ma, i need my paint wheel". she grabbed the colorful deck of waterproof uno cards and ran for the car. ahh, that's my girl. and yes, she is so busy that she shortens mama to ma... like, little house on the prairie ma. where's my bonnet?


  1. That is hilarious. All of it. And where did you find waterproof uno cards???? I gotta get some!!

  2. :) this made me smile. from the paint wheel, to the waterproof uno cards (!!), to the one name, to the her! :)

  3. how COOL are those cards!!! I've never seen water proof Uno cards...I'm thinking new bathtub game here!!!!