Wednesday, September 7, 2011

before & after ~ i didn't like it

so many hours sanding, priming, sanding, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, taping and painting... loved the piece in the garage, moved it into the room and was not wowed. monochromatic does not make me happy. went out of town, hoped to come home and realize it was just what i wanted. did not happen. out came the paint wheel... again. did not even move back to the garage, sanded and repainted right in the landing upstairs.
a little more contrast (drawers have already been tried out in the room) and i think this is it. well, it better be because i am not painting it again.


  1. Love the addition of the green!

  2. you are very talented...can you come to my house and give me some ideas for some old, ratty furniture that needs a serious facelift?!!! we actually have a dresser that was my husband's when he was a KID! I actually think he might have inherited it from his father when HE was a needs some help!