Monday, August 29, 2011

what would you have done?

i was putting my groceries in my car when a snyder's snack truck driver approached me. "how warm is it in your car?" my look was mostly curious and then he went on to explain that three children were locked in a car two down from mine. i pressed my face to the window and he was right... the oldest looked to be about 7. i wrote down the license plate number, unbuckled m2 from her car seat, and went inside (while my groceries grew warm) to speak with the manager. they paged the driver of the vehicle and m2 and i went back outside. i did not want to just leave. a few moments later a lady walked out with one bag. she approached and i heard the locks click open. "is that your car?" "yeah, is everything okay" "well, i was worried about the three children inside". "oh, they are okay but thanks for being concerned". "ma'am, it's warm out here so it's warm in there". "thanks again but they are fine". she spoke in the most upbeat manner with no concerns whatever. p.s. the manager told a customer service rep to call in the information while the mom was being paged. i can only image who they were calling the information in to but i guess they have a certain protocol that has to be followed.

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  1. you absolutely did the right thing - good for you! i hope the mom was horrified at her behavior and will think twice the next time. It's a crime down here and they will prosecute! Too many kids have died that way!