Friday, August 26, 2011

irene is a comin'

yesterday a weather channel guy was reporting six minutes from our house... i was hoping it was jim cantore... we did not stop by because it was not. anyway, how crazy is that?
my search for water failed, so instead of wasting my day looking elsewhere i stopped by sherwin williams, because they always have just what i am looking for. please don't take this wrong ~ irene is big and strong and we should be prepared, but one of my three littles battles an anxious tummy so i am also trying to keep things somewhat normal. this morning we did find water then stopped by blockbuster so the children could each pick out one movie. when we got home i started sanding a dresser that is going in the girl's room... if the electricity goes out i can paint, but not sand. at least not with an electric sander!
this is a desk i found on a neighbor's driveway ~ she begged me to take it away. john david was SO thrilled (can you hear the sarcasm ~ but it was free people, FREE!). i have a quart of glossy black paint just waiting to be brushed on this find. oh, and it fits like a dream in my sewing room (i mean closet off the playroom). so as soon as the weather passes and i can pull my car out of the garage these two projects are on my agenda.

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  1. I would give you free room and board if you would come refinish my old kitchen are SO good at that!