Friday, November 13, 2009

he's a part of the family too

little man just asked jesus into his heart. he crawled out of the fort he was sleeping in about thirty minutes ago and asked me if he could accept jesus into his heart. we walked hand in hand to find daddy.  jd asked him several questions and he answered them and had a few questions of his own. he then repeated a prayer after john david.  m1 was excited and tried to be a part of it also, but we sent her to the other room so we could have some private time.  she fell asleep while waiting but woke up briefly for little man to tell her the great news. "you did what to your foot?" was her response. i guess she was still a bit groggy...
p.s. he doesn't always sleep in a fort! we are on day three of the children being home from school due to the rain and hurricane like weather. yesterday he and m1 built a fort and they are sleeping in their sleeping bags underneath.

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  1. oh that is so exciting!!! i wonder what was going on in his little heart in that fort!!