Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 months

m2 had her 18 month appointment recently. she is in the 70% for both height and weight and has some serious thighs. dr. paige adores her and thinks she is doing great ~ with the exception of one area ~ language. not sure if it is a "i am the third child so i will stomp and point to get what i want" type of thing or something more serious. for now we are trying to work on that more intently. she is a complete joy to have with me during the day!
  • she wakes up laughing
  • she adores her big brother and likes dancing with her sister
  • talks all day long without saying anything ( & she prefers eye-contact)
  • enjoys sitting in the rocking chair reading a book
  • loves to play with the kitchen set
  • can play independently or with others
  • doesn't go anywhere without her dolly (dawdaw)
  • enjoys playing the piano and singing
  • can say the following words ~ dada, um, toe, ahm (arm) daw-daw (doll-doll) notice the lack of mama, she just wraps her chubby arms around my leg to get my attention
  • can sign the words ~ more, milk, please, eat (has known them for a while but they come in handy with her lack of vocabulary)
  • knows most of her body parts
  • if you ask her a question she will say "uuuummmm" like she is searching for the answer
  • runs for the door when she hears daddy come home
  • will "discipline" little man and m1 ~ i was fussing a few weeks ago about them not putting their backpacks up after homework was complete... after all they have been in school over nine weeks now. when i was done, m2 took over "dadadada nanana bebebe dududu" she even pointed to the hall closet where their backpacks should have been.

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  1. how is that possible that she is 18 months old!!!! love the last pic with the tutu!!!!