Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i should know better...

than to play around with my camera settings while little man is on the court.  because he will steal the ball, run baseline to baseline and lay it in to perfection.  seriously, look at that form!  right elbow up with an imaginary line pulling the right knee up and softly letting the ball spring off the fingertips... can you tell i am the wife of a (long-time) coach?  they record college bball games so they can rewind and dissect proper form.  note to self: play with the shutter speed when little man is on the bench! 


  1. i think it's a great artsy shot! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! haha You're too funny. I think it is quite might have a future with this. ;)

    but yes! good note to self. ;p play when he's not playing. hehe