Monday, January 16, 2012

katy ~ did we ever do this?

i took the children to kangaroo jac's since it was a holiday and who wants to stay home and do laundry on a holiday? i sat at a table and my three pretty much stuck together and helped m2 climb and slide. four moms to my left were dividing up seven children ~ then they each headed off in a different direction. they then would let the children with them play on one of two inflatables that they were guarding. the children would slide off and run for another slide across the building and the guard mom would shout "these are your two options for right now, we will head over there in a few minutes". after about 15 minutes of sliding they would then rotate counter clock-wise and allow the children to play on the next two slides. seriously, i watched them do this for two hours, barely speaking to the other moms, just yelling at the children that they only had "two options". i remember when the children were really little i would slide with them and as they got older watched and kept track of where they were ~ i am all about knowing their whereabouts and keeping them safe, but i thought this was a little much. so katy, did we ever act like this?

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  1. Um. Definitely not. We are way more laid back than that!!! Wonder if any of them had fun and enjoyed themselves that day?? :)