Friday, December 30, 2011

little man is nine

serious denial taking place that i have a nine year old... we will be in double digits next year.  don't even start about driving and dating.  having a birthday close to christmas is hard on those you invite and family so we find that simple is better around the holidays.  the girls and i baked up some colorful cupcakes. 

we had family over and three friends from school.  the boys play on the same basketball team and are also in class together (pray for their teacher, will ya!)  john david is their coach and he had them running some practice drills (outside in december) and taught them some plays they would be executing once their season starts in january.   
 little man's friend calls me his other mother!
the plan: for john david to take the boys to an odu basketball game after dinner.  what actually happened: john david started not feeling well and ten minutes before they were supposed to leave he told me i was going to have to take them.  thank you to allysia, nana and my parents for putting my kitchen back in order and getting the girls in bed.     
we had a great time cheering at the game.  the cameraman loved the boys and they were featured dancing and jumping around (basically acting like crazy nine year old boys) on the jumbo-tron a few times.   oh, and if odu wins (they did) and scores more than 75 points (they did) the next day you can get a 24 oz. smoothie from tropical smoothie cafe for 1.99.  count us in! 

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