Saturday, May 7, 2011

picnic, biking and a date weekend

each year my parents real estate office hosts a client appreciation picnic ~ sometimes at the zoo, the aquarium or a local park. the children love it because they have BBQ, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn and cookies... and for one day out of the year their parents let them have all of the above. of course i have no pictures of that as i was running back and forth to the portapotty with m2... her new obsession, the outhouse.
after the picnic, little man and m2 left with my parents and m1 left with nana. jd and i left in a quiet car and scooted down to edenton, nc for a quick date weekend (to celebrate our anniversary which was last weekend). we stayed at the grandville queen, a bed and breakfast that we visited on our first anniversary. we have also been back once since then. the community sits along the albemarle sound so we enjoyed a long bike ride along the waterfront and went out to dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant. it was nice to not cut up food for anyone except for myself and to sit back and talk without being interrupted. thanks to the grandparents for loving on our children in our absence!

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  1. how fun that you got to get away again! i remember you talking about that little getaway place in the past...isn't there an ice cream place there that is a favorite too? happy anniversary - what a wild 12 years it's been, right? :)