Sunday, June 6, 2010

avoiding an airplane disaster

so, our church started their summer schedule today which means children five and older are with the parents during the first service and in children's church the second hour. we normally attend the first service. the children did great filling in the blanks in the children's bulletin and drawing pictures. but... given any piece of paper and some time on his hands eventually little man creates a paper airplane. we have checked out numerous books from the library on paper airplane making so he is quite the expert. should i mention we are seated in the balcony? on the second row? out of the corner of my eye i see a hand go up with a paper airplane preparing for flight... would he REALLY let it fly... in church? luckily john david's hand was faster so we did not have to find out but i think it would have been really funny if he would have. especially since the pastor was preaching on "parenting in public". if past designs are any indication, it probably would have landed within a few feet of the pastor.

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  1. oh i would have PAID money to be sitting behind your family on that sunday!! that's hilarious!