Monday, May 3, 2010

holding hands

on may 1, john david and i celebrated eleven years of marriage. we visited a bed and breakfast in lynchburg over the weekend and enjoyed some furniture shopping in farmville on saturday. it was a nice change of pace to walk around (without a purse/diaper bag, sippy cup and snacks) and actually hold my husband's hand. once you have children you realize how infrequently you hold the hand of your spouse... we are always holding the hand of one of the children. we have had some wonderful moments and moments that were not so great. but through it all GOD has been FAITHFULLY GOOD. so, here is a quick look at our life by the numbers... three years of dating, one wedding, 4,015 (and counting) good night kisses, two and a half year battle with infertility, one ectopic pregnancy, one successful in vitro (one unsuccessful), three precious children, 13,140 (and counting) diaper changes, two houses, five cars, three job changes, one church change, numerous road trips, four plane rides with children, and the death of one parent (my father-in-law). john david is a loving husband even on those days when i am unlovable. he provides for our family so that i can enjoy the benefits of staying home with our children. his biggest downfall is his love for the washington redskins... but as long as he tolerates my love for all things peyton manning, i can deal with that.


  1. snickering over here about the redskins bit....caleb is wearing a titans outfit that we bought for josiah! :) happy anniversary - soooo glad that you were able to get away! i know the feeling about the holding hands part - it's funny the things you don't realize you miss until you get to actually do it again!

  2. how wonderful! now tell me, have you REALLY kept track of the diaper changes??? amazing! :) very sweet post! :)