Wednesday, March 3, 2010

while i was cleaning...

she was relaxed and reading... in the baby doll bunk beds. her spot of choice is beside the bookcase, which is neat right now but will not be once she is done. love her material... the abc's of the nfl... "q is for quarterback and p is for peyton". go colts!


  1. that's adorable Sandi! i cannot believe our girls are almost 2!!! CRAZY! glad i'm black on the blog scene. glad you are too. :)

  2. as much as i love to cuddle up with a book, i must say that does NOT look comfy!!! :) have the same book....and it has been VERY loved on by the little schrodts! :)

  3. Sandi!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! I laughed my head off!!! She is SOOOO cute!!! This is something Madeline would totally do, too! I agree with Beth...I can't believe our baby girls are almost 2!!! Love ya!! :)