Wednesday, June 3, 2009

beach day

the warm sun was so inviting... several of us got together for just one more outing before katy and crew headed south. all the children had a great time playing in the sand and water.  m2 enjoyed her first beach experience and thought the sand tasted great. the good-bye was not as sad as m2 began to lose it around 3:00; in her defense mommy did make her miss her nap to go. there is an exciting adventure awaiting them in sc... new job, new home, new church (it has to be a good church since it has Upward sports) and new friends to make. we have prayed for this family during this transitional time and they are going to be blessed abundantly! katy in turn will also bless them abundantly as well... she is a great asset to her music minister husband.

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  1. oh this makes me sad. what a FABULOUSLY fun day we had at the beach - i did drag you out with us, didn't i? now stick with this blogging sandi - you're going to LOVE having it as a journal of sorts!